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2 03 2010

this is my song


Just For Fun

30 01 2010

I found this stencil graffiti in front of Game Day on Green St. I thought it was creative, passionate, and could be interesting to analyze. Also it just looks pretty cool.


26 01 2010

Since we had talked about auto-tune in class, I thought this would be a similar, and interesting, example of remediation.  In this clip, from Jimmy Kimmel Live, they use a combination of rapper, and frequent auto-tune user, T-Pain, and President Obama to show an excellent example of remediation.

Stencil Graffiti

21 01 2010

I found this piece of artwork very interesting.  Not only is it very realistic and lifelike, but it gives the impression that the rope is extending off the wall.  This stencil graffiti was found in Brooklyn, NY.  It is featured on the Village of Joy website and was number 14 on their list of 30 Stencil Graffiti Artworks That Are Worth Seeing.



21 01 2010

My favorite television show!!!