Project 2

Photo Essay

Global Poverty and Hunger


For my photo essay, my group decided to revolve our essays around global poverty. I decided to focus my essay on how global poverty leads to global hunger. This is a very important topic because so many people in the world cannot even afford to eat, and therefore, their chances of survival are slim. I found this “writing process” rather difficult. When googling global poverty and hunger, so many pictures appeared, but in order to get my point across, I had to find very specific photos that met my needs. It took a long time for me to figure out what the message was that I wanted to send with my photos. After much careful consideration, I decided that I would show, via my photos, how horrible the problem of poverty and hunger is in the world, yet how easily it is for people in good-economic standing to waste food and just throw food out without a second thought.

My original vision was to take photos of children in third-world countries that were poor and hungry and to offset each photo with a picture of food being wasted. It was rather hard to find photos of food being wasted, so I decided to take my own photos. I took pictures of me throwing out leftover food, as well as random garbage and fast-food containers. I also found pictures of children reaching out their hands as if they wanted the food, and then followed it up with a picture of me throwing out the leftover food. This became my new vision. Each photo of a person or people in poverty was followed with a picture of food waste. I included a picture of poverty living conditions and followed it with a photo of a buffet, where so much food would be picked over and wasted. I added a chart that showed how many people in the world were living on less that one dollar a day, and then put in a graph that showed that food is wasted more than anything else in the world. By doing this back and forth of poor and waste, I aimed to show how bad it could be and how wasteful we are because it is not this bad for us. At the end of my photo essay, I showed a picture of a horribly skinny child living in poverty and ended with a picture of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, both clearly with eating disorders. I did this to show that while there are people in the world that wish they could eat but couldn’t, there are people that have the money to afford to eat, but chose not to.

The reading and the videos really helped me to arrange my photo essay. McCloud stated that the images of photos have the power to help them stay in people’s memories. Also, Berger mentioned that everything shown around an image has some correlation to its meaning. When organizing the order of my photos, I made sure to use powerful images that would stick in people’s minds and to arrange them in a way that would reflect the meaning that I was trying to convey.


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24 02 2010
Hilary Hatton

yeahhh buddy

1 03 2010
Elizabeth Tosaw

Sounds fun!

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